CANCER ADVOCACY:OBcare Takes Campaign to Eket

Sunday 15th, 2022

The increased prevalence of breast and prostate cancers recently characterized by young and old age and delayed presentation have alerted women and men to randomly seek medical and spiritual advice.

Breast Cancer Awareness Programs are scarce and when available, they function on a very limited scale. In an attempt to increase cancer awareness among women and men, Only Believe Care Foundation, a foremost Non-Governmental Organization based in Uyo, today, took a tour to the All Nations Christian International Ministry, Eket for sensitization and awareness.

Delivering a talk on the pros and cons of breast cancer and the need for early detection, Dr. Mary Udoh elaborated on ways breast cancer can be prevented if not eradicated.

Dr. Udoh in her lectures listed some of the risk factors for breast cancer to include:
♨️Being a woman
♨️Advancing age
♨️Family history of breast cancer in a first degree relative like mother, sister, aunt
♨️Exposure to radiation
♨️Sedentary lifestyle ie lack of exercise
♨️High cholesterol from diet
♨️Over the counter medications like contraceptive pills
♨️Nulliparity and lack of Breastfeeding

Also speaking, Dr. Bassey Akpan while taking turns, spoke on prostate cancer, and added that prostate cancer has posed a serious health challenge in most men, especially those of ages 40 and above, consequently, the need for urgent attention.

In his explanation, the doctor defined prostate cancer as cancer that occurs in a man’s prostate. The prostate is a small walnut – shape gland that produces the seminal fluid that nourishes and transports sperm and should not be endangered. He, therefore, highlighted the
Common signs of Prostate Enlargement as follows:

👉 Increased urination.
👉 Pain while urinating.
👉 Weak and interrupted urine stream.
👉 Inability to empty the bladder during urination.
👉 Difficulty in starting urination.
👉 Dribbling after urination.
👉 Blood in the urine
👉 Reduced Sexual Performance;

He also mentioned some Preventive Measures to include:
✅Abstinence from smoking
✅Avoidance of excessive intake of alcohol
✅Biennial medical examination
✅Healthy dieting
✅Regular exercise

Speaking on behalf of the church, the wife of the General Overseer, Pastor Mrs. Patience Umo Eno eulogized OBcare for the selfless service they render to people and the church. She thanked the team and prayed to God for continuous grace for good works towards humanity.

Reacting to the wife of the G. O, the ED of the Organization thanked the medical team of the church for the privilege to bring this enlightenment to the church and also for the rapt attention from every member, which was rare to find.

Abasiubong Tom
Media/Publicity Officer
OBcare Foundation

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