International Women’s Day: OBCare Foundation Advocates For Gender Equality

International Women’s Day celebration usually celebrated annually on March 8 is a day that commemorates the social, political and economic achievements of women worldwide.

Women in different parts of the world use this day to come together to celebrate one another and rally for equal treatment and representation.

The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is: “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow.”

This year’s campaign is represented by the #BreakTheBias hashtag and calls on people to work towards a world that is equitable, inclusive, and free from bias and discrimination so the playing field is levelled for women moving forward.

In line with the goals and objectives of this year’s celebration, the progenitor and the entire women of the Only Believe Care Foundation (OBCare), a foremost Cancer advocacy NGO in Nigeria join all the women across the globe to advocate for gender equality and unbiased representation in governance in order to move the world to an enviable height.

To commemorate this year’s event, OBCare Foundation has rolled out a number of girl-child programs and increased in Cancer awareness campaigns to free Nigerian women from the dangers of cancer.

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